Slamdance 2013: The Institute

Jan 23, 2013

A missing girl, a cult-like organization and its guru, a well-meaning public agency no one has ever heard of, and the actual brick-and-mortar cities of the San Francisco Bay Area. These are the ingredients in a reality-bending game profiled in Spencer McCall’s documentary film The Institute, which showed at this year's Slamdance Film Festival. More than 10,000 people played the Games of Nonchalance, but who was behind them and what was the point? Thursday, we’ll journey through the looking glass with McCall to explore a world teeming just beneath the surface of everyday life.

The Institute screened at this year's Slamdance Film Festival. For more information on how you can see the film, visit its web site.


Spencer McCall’s first job was traveling the world producing videos of cloned puppies for renowned, yet defunct, pet-cloning company. Since then, he has produced films and designed motion graphics for numerous high-profile companies, products and agencies. He is currently teaching design and video at San Francisco State University. “The Institute” is his first feature film.