The Sonosopher

Sep 20, 2012

Alex Caldiero is a poet and a performance artist, but he has very different ways of describing himself. He's called himself a "word shaker" and more recently a "sonosopher." Caldiero is the focus of a documentary film released in 2009 called The Sonosopher. It's about his life's journey from Italy to Brooklyn to Orem, Utah, and also about words and sounds as only Caldiero can express them. A few years ago, we spoke with Caldiero and filmmakers Torben Bernhard and Travis Low about the film, and Friday we're rebroadcasting the conversation we had about The Sonosopher.

"Bite-sized Poem" by Alex Caldiero

"Poetry is Wanted Here" by Alex Caldiero (performed at Ken Sanders Rare Books)

A deleted scene from The Sonosopher

Hear radio stories about Alex Caldiero by Salt Lake City-based independent radio producer Scott Carrier.

Works by and in collaboration with Alex Caldiero: