Sundance 2013: Anita

Jan 18, 2013

Anita Hill was a young law professor in 1991 when the Senate Judiciary Committee invited her to testify about the behavior of then-Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas. Hill shared a difficult story of sexual harassment by her former boss, but the all-male committee was hostile in its interrogation and Hill was publically attacked for being a liar and a man-hater. Monday, Doug sits down with Anita Hill and filmmaker Freida Mock to talk about the Sundance documentary called "Anita" and about how Hill's experience changed gender politics in America.

Anita, is playing in the Doc Premieres category at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.


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Anita Hill is a professor of Social Policy, Law and Women's Studies at Brandeis University's Heller School for Social Policy and Management and the author of Speaking Truth to Power and Reimagining Equality.

Freida Mock is an Academy Award–winning filmmaker, director, writer, and producer. Among her films is Maya Lin: A Strong Vision, about the designer of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It earned her an Academy Award for Best Feature Documentary in 1995.