Surviving Anxiety

Feb 4, 2014

The journalist Scott Stossel suffers from anxiety so intense it can render him nauseous—which is a problem given his extreme fear of vomiting. Between acute anxiety attacks, Stossel’s mind constantly buzzes with worry about his health, about finances, work, the dripping sound in his basement, about everything and nothing. In a new book, Stossel serves as an expert guide to the culture and history of anxiety disorder. He joins us Wednesday to explain what anxiety is, where it comes from and how choice and freedom rewire our brains to make us increasingly anxious.

An excerpt from Scott Stossel's new book, My Age of Anxiety, appeared in the January issue of The Atlantic magazine. LINK

Scott Stossel is the editor of The Atlantic magazine and the author of two books. His newest is called My Age of Anxiety: Fear, Hope, Dread, and the Search for Peace of Mind [Amazon|Indiebound].