Timothy Noakes and Challenging Health Beliefs

Mar 10, 2016


Professor Tim Noakes is one of the most widely respected authorities on exercise and fitness, and he’s built his career by challenging conventional beliefs, including his own. The idea of carb-loading before endurance races: he came up with that. These days he promotes a high-fat low-carb diet, even for athletes. And he’s not a big fan of sports drinks. Noakes joins us Thursday to talk about eating better, drinking less, and running against the grain to achieve better athletic performance.

Timothy Noakes is the retired Discovery Health professor of exercise and sport science at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, where he is currently professor emeritus. He is also the founder of the Noakes Foundation and the author of several books, including The Lore of Running [Amazon|Indiebound], Waterlogged [Amazon|Indiebound], and his latest, Real Meal Revolution [Amazon|Indiebound].