Transgender And The LDS Church

14 hours ago

In 2015, Dallin H. Oaks, a high-ranking official in the LDS church, said in an interview that the “transgender situation is something we have not had much experience with, and we have some unfinished business in teaching on that.”

For scholar Taylor G. Petrey, the comment marked an opening in how the traditionally conservative Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints might think about gender issues going forward. In his new book Tabernacles of Clay: Sexuality and Gender in Modern Mormonism, Petrey combs through the history of the church’s teachings on marriage, gender and sexual difference, showing that while the church has long taught that fixed gender identities are part of God’s plan, they have also acknowledged that for some people, these identities are also dependent on other forces.

Dr. Taylor G. Petey’s book is Tabernacles of Clay: Sexuality and Gender in Modern Mormonism.[IndieBound|Amazon]