Utah Senator Mitt Romney's Break With Republicans

Feb 7, 2020

President Trump was acquitted by the Senate this week on the charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The vote would have run straight along party lines if not for a lone outlier: Utah Senator Mitt Romney.

Sen. Romney said that his oath, sworn before God, to render impartial judgment in the case weighed so heavily on him that he had no choice but to move against the overwhelming tide of his political party. In two days, he’s received a large amount of praise and criticism, with Donald Trump Jr tweeting that “he should be expelled from the GOP," while Senator Richard Blumenthal said he was “surprised and immensely impressed” with Romney’s speech.

Friday at 11 a.m., we’re talking about Romney’s vote, his break with his party, and his political future.


  • Thomas Burr, Washington bureau chief for The Salt Lake Tribune 
  • McKay Coppins, staff writer at The Atlantic and the author of "The Wilderness"
  • David Magleby, Professor Emeritus  of Political Science at Brigham Young University
  • Mark Matheson, Professor of English at the University of Utah