Utah's Summer Air

Aug 13, 2013

Wednesday we’re talking about Utah’s summer air quality. The conditions were right in July to create lots of lung-burning ground-level ozone, but for some reason, our air hasn’t been quite as dirty as in summers past. And the question is why? Could it be because people driving less? Does it have something to do with an unusually wet July? Salt Lake Tribune reporter Judy Fahys and Utah Department of Air Quality Toxicologist Steve Packham will join us to help us find some answers, and we’ll offer a tool for coping with bad air.

Follow this link to use the MyAir app.

During the program, Judy Fahys mentioned several tools you can use to track air pollution and your exposure to it:


  • Judy Fahys writes about nuclear waste, climate change and pollution for the Salt Lake Tribune.
  • Steve Packham is a toxicologist at the Utah Department of Air Quality.
  • John Yoon is the managing director of MyAir, a company that is developing an app that gives individuals personalized information about air pollution.