Wheat Belly

Jan 7, 2014

Wednesday, we’re jumping back into our fitness and health series, and this time we’re tackling another purported culprit of Americans’ poor health: wheat. Dr. William Davis, author the hugely popular book Wheat Belly, says the proliferation of wheat in our diet parallels our growing waistlines. And the cure for our flabby bellies, he says, isn’t cutting calories, or eating less fat or even exercising more. Dr. Davis joins us Wednesday to explain how people can cure themselves of myriad health problems and lose weight by simply cutting wheat from their diets. 


Dr. William Davis is a preventive cardiologist and the author of the books Wheat Belly [Amazon|Indiebound], Wheat Belly Cookbook [Amazon], and Wheat Belly 30 Minutes (Or Less!) Cookbook [Amazon|Indiebound]