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The Life of David Brower

Courtesty of the Sierra Club, special thanks to Ellen Byrne

David Brower is widely regarded as the father of the modern environmentalism movement. He served two decades as executive director of the Sierra Club and fought fiercely to defend wilderness and rivers in the American West. Supporters admired his passion, vision, and unyielding efforts, while his opponents found him polarizing and reckless. In his book, the journalist Robert Wyss explores Brower’s complicated personal life and his fearless stewardship of the environmental movement. (Rebroadcast)

Robert Wyss is an associate professor of journalism at the University of Connecticut and a journalist who has written for the New York TimesChristian Science MonitorSmithsonian, and the Providence Journal. He is the author of two books, Covering the Environment: How Journalists Work the Green Beat [Amazon|Independent Bookstores], and his newest, The Man Who Built the Sierra Club: A Life of David Brower [Amazon|Independent Bookstores].