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Bob Garfield's Search for Identity


Public radio host Bob Garfield has been on a long, wandering search for the answer to one of life's hardest questions: Who am I? In a new one-man show, he shares stories from his quest for identity and explores America's own journey of self-exploration.

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In his decades of “journalizing,” Bob Garfield, host of the public radio show On the Media, has been across the country on a quest to answer an age-old question: Who am I? In a new one-man show, Garfield weaves tales of his own search for identity with stories he’s collected around the country about people on the same path of self-exploration. Garfield is bringing his show to Utah this week. He joins us Friday to talk about who he is and who we all are, as individuals and as a society.

On Saturday, February 17, Bob Garfield will perform his one-man show, Ruggedly Jewish, at the Eccles Center in Park City at 7:30 pm.

NOTE: Thursday's previously scheduled show, "Senator Mitt Romney," has been postponed. Wednesday evening, former presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced that he would postpone announcing his decision whether or not he's running for the U.S. Senate.