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Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and we’re marking the occasion with a conversation about indigenous foodways.

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A Department of Justice report released in October detailed “serious and widespread” racist behavior against Black and Asian-American students in Utah’s second largest school district.

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In a feature piece for the Washington Post Magazine, reporter Emily Kaplan writes that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is an institution “that has excelled at survival and, often, reinvention.”

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  RadioWest commemorated its 20th anniversary this week with a live show celebrating the human voice. If you couldn’t join us, don’t worry — we recorded the event.

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You could say that Mozart is the gateway drug to a love of classical music. But who was the person behind the music? Author-composer Jan Swafford joins us to help us better understand the most famous name in classical music.

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If you look at a forest, what do you see? It’s just trees, right? Well, when Suzanne Simard looks at a forest, she sees a community of social, cooperative, communicative creatures with lives very much like our own.

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Are aspects of today’s so-called “woke” culture and anti-racism actually harming the cause of racial equality in America? Author and linguist John McWhorter says yes.

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Plan-B Theatre and RadioWest are back with a new hour of live radio theatre!  

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  In 1847, soon after Latter-Day Saints settled in Utah, a battered and bloody young Pavant Ute woman was traded to the family of Brigham Young for a rifle. Given the name Sally Kanosh, she lived the next 30 years as a servant in the household of the LDS leader.

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In his new book, author Richard Thompson Ford examines the history of how we dress and how clothing affects individuals and society — for the good and the bad.