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Searching for Home in (Very) Rural America

Princeton Architectural Press

Navied Mahdavian had always been a city guy. He had never fished, gardened, hiked, hunted or lived in a snowy place. Then he, his wife and dog moved from San Francisco to an off-the-grid cabin in rural Idaho.

Mahdavian says his 180-degree lifestyle pivot was equal parts romantic idealism and naïveté. In his new home in the country, he found the joy of nature, time to pursue his artistic dreams and a mixed bag in his new neighbors. At one moment, the people of Mackay, Idaho, could be warm and welcoming towards Mahdavian; the next, they could be racist and bigoted. In a new graphic memoir, he recounts what he and his family discovered as they tried to make a home in (very) rural America, and he joins us to talk about it.


Navied Mahdavian | Cartoonist and writer. His graphic memoir is “This Country: Searching for Home in (Very) Rural America.” [Amazon | Bookshop]

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