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The Black Panthers

Jan 15, 2018

  The Black Panther party emerged from the tumult of the 1960s, and it gave African-Americans a new voice and a new posture. Filmmaker Stanley Nelson's film about the Panthers is told through the experiences of those who supported and opposed it.

The New Localism

Jan 10, 2018
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Urban expert Bruce Katz has noticed a change in how our world is structured. National states and governments no longer hold the central power to fix our modern world. Cities and metropolitan regions, he says, are now in charge of their own futures.


Robert Sutton is a Professor of Organizational Behavior at Stanford, and his book is a how-to for dealing with the jerks in your life. He says there’s really one word that fits them though: a--holes.


Jan 1, 2018
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Before you settle on a New Year’s resolution to become tidier, join us for a conversation with journalist and economist Tim Harford who argues that messiness can actually be a key to success.

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Tuesday, we're talking about something completely different: The Monty Python troupe's comedic send up of ancient Jerusalem and 1970s England told through the story of a boy mistaken for a savior.

The First Christmas

Dec 25, 2017
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Monday, we're talking about the story of Jesus Christ's birth. What happened on that first Christmas day, and how have we celebrated it for two thousand years? 

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Wednesday, we're talking about Christmas and the bountiful customs that accompany it. Just why do we do stuff like wrap presents, hang lights, and drink eggnog? And why is it so darn commercial these days? (Hint: it's always been that way.)

The Monastic Life

Dec 14, 2017
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How did a Trappist monastery flourish in the mountains of Utah for 70 years, and what led to its closing? Thursday, we’re talking about the history of monastic life and how it is expressed today.


There’s a petition challenging the way Mormon bishops discuss sexuality with young men and women. Intimate questions come up in interviews conducted one-on-one by adult men. We’ll look at the potential risks, and the pros and cons of untrained clergy.


Dec 11, 2017
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Monday, we’re talking about your “stuff” and whether it makes you happy. The writer and futurist James Wallman says it's time to start focusing on what you do instead of what you have.