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Intelligent Lives

Apr 1, 2019
Dan Habib / Intelligent Lives

IQ tests have been around for a while, but what do they really tell us? In a new documentary, director Dan Habib explores whether any attempt to measure intelligence can really predict a person’s true value.

Wit's End

Mar 26, 2019
Alan Levine via CC/Flickr

Tuesday, a conversation about wit and wittiness. Author James Geary says wit is more than just a knack for snappy comebacks. He calls it a “fundamental operating system of human creativity.”

Faith And Activism

Mar 25, 2019
Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

For faithful Latter-day Saints, there isn’t really a way to petition the Church for change. Activists who make a ruckus run the risk of discipline or excommunication. So, when does activism work?

2001: A Space Odyssey

Mar 22, 2019
Bill Lile via CC/Flickr,

Friday, we're talking about the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. It's such a weird and mysterious film, and it's considered Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece. When it was released in 1968, it drove the critics crazy, but audiences loved it.

All You Can Ever Know

Mar 12, 2019

Writer Nicole Chung joins us to talk about being a transracial adoptee. When she was going to have a child of her own, Chung set out to learn about her culture and her birth parents.

The Next Mormons

Mar 6, 2019
Oxford University Press

Scholar Jana Riess joins us to explain what she’s learned about millennial Mormons. In a new book she says that while they believe, they’re often more flexible about the rules than previous generations.

Heavens On Earth

Feb 27, 2019
Stained glass window with angel.
dun_deagh, CC via Flickr,

  Why do so many cultures and faiths teach some version of an afterlife? Wednesday at 7 p.m., skeptic Michael Shermer joins us to talk about our obsession with immortality and what it means for life here and now.

The Library Book

Feb 26, 2019
Public domain

Tuesday, we’re talking about libraries and their place in today’s digital world. Our guide is the writer Susan Orlean, whose latest book tells the story of a devastating fire that swallowed the Los Angeles Central Library in 1986.

RaMell Ross / Idiom Film

In his film Hale County This Morning, This Evening, director RaMell Ross abandons the traditional documentary form, opting for a kind of lyrical and and vivid portrait of life in the modern South.

A blurred crowd of people
Sergio Boscaino, via Flickr/ CC 2.0

The journalist Johann Hari traveled around the world to find out why people are so depressed these days. He found evidence for nine causes of depression and anxiety, and he says he has some ideas for fixing them.