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Monday, we’re talking about the roots of the white power movement. Historian Kathleen Belew traces it back to the 1970s, when some soldiers returned from Vietnam feeling betrayed by their government.

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Wednesday we’re talking about a Sundance documentary about Satanists. It’s both a political and a religious movement. They don’t believe in a Satan, just the idea that he was the ultimate rebel.

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In her film ALWAYS IN SEASON, director Jacqueline Olive investigates a modern-day lynching, and she explores where that story intersects with America’s appalling history of racial violence against African-Americans.

Black and white print of world's first factory.
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Historian Joshua Freeman joins us to talk about the history of factories, which is really interesting when you consider the lives of the people who've worked in them and how they've shaped our world.


A study shows that after certain conversion therapy efforts, LGBTQ kids are nearly three times more likely to attempt suicide. Monday, we’re talking about it and about efforts to ban conversion therapy for youth in Utah.

Wit's End

Jan 9, 2019
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Wednesday, a conversation about wit and wittiness. Author James Geary says wit is more than just a knack for snappy comebacks. He calls it a “fundamental operating system of human creativity.”

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Virtual reality pioneer Jaron Lanier wants you to delete your social media accounts. He has ten arguments that make his case. One of them: Social media is turning us all into jerks. (Rebroadcast)

The Library Book

Jan 2, 2019
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Wednesday we’re talking about libraries and their place in today’s digital world. Our guide is the writer Susan Orlean, whose latest book tells the story of a devastating fire that swallowed the Los Angeles Central Library in 1986.

Atlantic Magazine. Used with permission.

What do we expect from our virtual assistants and what happens when we let them be teacher, therapist, and friend? Journalist Judith Shulevitz joins us to talk about how much we should trust Alexa.

90s Bitch

Dec 21, 2018
Collage of famous women from the 1990s.

Journalist Allison Yarrow says in the 90s a woman reaching for power or just in the public eye was often labeled a "bitch." And that word became a weapon used to hold women back.