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Melvin & Howard

Dec 19, 2018

Wednesday, we’re revisiting the story of Melvin Dummar, who died earlier this month. Dummar never backed down from his claims that he picked up Howard Hughes in the middle of the Nevada desert and was rewarded in the eccentric billionaire's will.

Why Are We So Angry?

Dec 12, 2018
The Atlantic

America has always been an angry nation, says the writer Charles Duhigg. But these days our anger out of hand. Duhigg joins us explore the power of anger, how it works, and how it can be turned back into a national strength.

The Real Estreya/CC via Flickr

A good book could be the gift your loved one actually remembers. Local booksellers join us Tuesday to offer the best novels, poetry, non-fiction, and more. We'll also talk about great books for kids.

Next Door Strangers

Dec 6, 2018

What would it take to get you to have a real conversation with someone you completely disagree with? It’s the question at the heart of Next Door Strangers, a podcast by journalist Andrea Smardon.

Justin Metz / Pablo Delcan / The Atlantic

Young people these days are having less and less sex. It’s actually kind of a problem, and the reasons behind the so-called sex recession aren’t all that wholesome.

Courtesy Brooke Doner / Hinckley Institute of Politics

Thursday, a conversation with Bassem Youssef. He was a heart surgeon in Egypt before he reinvented himself as the Jon Stewart of the Arab world. He joins us to talk about the power of satire to make a point.

Sculpture of a man in agony
Public domain

In a new book, the philosopher Scott Samuelson offers seven ways of looking at suffering. He pulls wisdom from the lessons of ancient Greek myth, the horrors of the Holocaust, and the beautiful pain of blues music. (Rebroadcast)

Why Empathy Matters

Nov 22, 2018
Girl laying on the ground next to a chalk drawing of herself
Photo by schaaflicht, CC via Flickr

The philosopher Roman Krznaric has spent years thinking about empathy, and he suggests you forget the idea that it’s some fluffy, feel-good concept. He joins us to talk about our capacity for empathy and why it matters. (Rebroadcast)


Wednesday, we’re talking about Mormon worthiness interviews with writer Elna Baker. She explored her experience with a sexually explicit one-on-one interview for the radio program This American Life.

Courtesy Gary Hustwit / RAMS

Tuesday, we continue our series on documentary film with a profile of the father of modern industrial design, Dieter Rams. He may not be a household name, but Rams' design philosophy has helped shape many everyday items.