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We’ve heard for years that no matter how passionate young voters may speak about politics, they don’t turn out in significant numbers on Election Day. 

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According to a recent intelligence report, white nationalists pose the gravest terror threat in the United States. A new documentary from The Atlantic goes inside the movement to expose the roots of its ideas and how they have reshaped the course of the country. 

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In 1789, when General George Washington became the first president of the newly minted United States of America, 6% of the population was eligible to vote. 

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Ballots began arriving in mailboxes across the state this week, giving Utahns the chance to weigh in on one of the most pivotal presidential elections in modern memory — but that’s not the only important decision confronting local voters this year.

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After the disastrous presidential debate the country witnessed this week between Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump, we're asking: Do political debates still matter? 

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In the wake of the death of George Floyd, protestors across the country have been pushing to defund the police. The same demands can be heard in Utah, and they’re only getting louder.

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On December 4, 2016, Edgar Maddison Welch took an assault rifle into a Washington, D.C., pizza joint and fired three times. Why? He believed there was a secret pedophilia ring in the basement run by Hilary Clinton.

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Lawmakers wrapped the 2020 Utah legislative session at the stroke of midnight on Thursday. Friday morning, we're looking back at the past 45 days to discuss what did – and didn’t – happen on Capitol Hill this year.

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As an essayist and novelist, writer Ben Fountain was an unlikely choice to pen a monthly column about the 2016 presidential election for the British newspaper, The Guardian. He’d never worked as a journalist, and although he’s passionate about U.S. politics, he had never written about a presidential election.

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To ensure statehood, Utah had to ban the practice of polygamy. But the laws against plural marriage are rarely enforced here, and a bill passed by lawmakers yesterday takes the extraordinary step of decriminalizing polygamy.