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Nadine Strossen says we should protect hate speech. She's former ACLU president, and she argues that censorship just doesn’t work. The way to resist hate speech, she says, is with more free speech.

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It may be hard to remember, but there was a time when politics in America weren’t so polarized. Political scholar Sam Rosenfeld says that if we can understand how our dysfunctional politics were deliberately created, maybe we can deliberately change them.

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Bob Woodward joins us to talk about the inner workings of the Trump administration and how the U.S. is “tethered to the words and actions of an emotionally overwrought and unpredictable leader.”

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Church Office Building and the Utah State Capitol
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Monday, we’re talking about what role the LDS Church played in the shaping of Utah’s medical cannabis law.  Some say the Church got too involved in the recent political debate. What's appropriate when religious officials weigh in on politics?

Wednesday morning, KUER is airing George H.W. Bush's funeral. At 7:00 p.m. on RadioWest, we're talking about the political strategist Machiavelli, and his advice on how to choose a good leader. (Rebroadcast)

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For years, the Bears Ears Monument has inspired immense and heated debate. In a new documentary, filmmaker Nancy Green brings the opposing voices together to show the nuance behind the passionate arguments for and against the monument.

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Wednesday, our live panel is breaking down Utah's 2018 midterm elections. We'll look at the outcomes (so far), and ask what they mean for Utah.

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Monday, we’re talking about the modern struggle to vote in America. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was meant to enfranchise racial minorities long denied the ballot. But has it really worked out like that?

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Thursday, we’re offering some final thoughts before voters head to the polls. We’ll talk to reporters and observers about what to expect. How are you feeling about your 2018 midterm vote?

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Utah voters have some important decisions to make this November. From medical marijuana, to Medicaid expansion and a referendum on gerrymandering, it’s a lot to consider. A panel of journalists joins us to discuss what’s at stake.