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Wednesday, our live panel is breaking down Utah's 2018 midterm elections. We'll look at the outcomes (so far), and ask what they mean for Utah.

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Monday, we’re talking about the modern struggle to vote in America. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was meant to enfranchise racial minorities long denied the ballot. But has it really worked out like that?

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Thursday, we’re offering some final thoughts before voters head to the polls. We’ll talk to reporters and observers about what to expect. How are you feeling about your 2018 midterm vote?

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Utah voters have some important decisions to make this November. From medical marijuana, to Medicaid expansion and a referendum on gerrymandering, it’s a lot to consider. A panel of journalists joins us to discuss what’s at stake.

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While controversy continues over Brett Kavanaugh's nomination for the Supreme Court, the 2018 term starts Monday. Our Legal scholars join us to talk about the docket and the state of SCOTUS.

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Wednesday, proponents of medical cannabis in Utah join us to make their case. They say medical marijuana is a low-risk treatment for Utahns suffering serious illness, and that it will curb the use of narcotics.

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Last month, the LDS Church joined a coalition against Utah's medical marijuana ballot initiative. They say they’re O.K. with medicinal use, but worry about unintended consequences of this initiative.

Reliving Watergate

Aug 13, 2018
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What if we were living through the next Watergate? That’s the idea of the podcast Slow Burn, about the scandal that brought down President Nixon. Host Leon Neyfakh joins us to talk about a precarious political chapter and its implications today.


Utahns vote this fall on a ballot measure that would bring medical marijuana to this conservative state. Supporters say the proposal helps sick people treat their conditions, but opponents worry it lacks oversight and will lead to recreational pot.

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Monday, we’re talking about Trump adviser Stephen Miller with The Atlantic's McKay Coppins. Miller whips up crowds at Trump rallies and chastises the White House press corps. Basically, he’s a troll.