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20 years of a daily, then bi-weekly hour-long radio show is a lot of hours of radio — roughly 3,800 or so hours in total. And that’s just hours on the air. I won’t even try to put a number to the time the RadioWest crew has logged in creating each program. But even with all of those hours, there are still interviews that come back to me, whether because the person I spoke with taught me something I needed to hear or because the story was so profound, startling or just plain weird that I’ve never forgotten it. We’ve put together a list of those shows to share with you, all favorites for different reasons. We hope you enjoy them — and, if you can, please let us know what hour of RadioWest you haven’t forgotten.

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  In 1942 the Japanese army forced 70,000 prisoners to march across the Bataan Peninsula. Gene Jacobsen was among them, and he tells his story of three and a half years as a prisoner of war. This episode picked by Doug Fabrizio.

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A lot of people these days are wondering how they should eat, how they should exericse, how they should use their bodies. To answer those questions, it helps to toss in another one: What is the human body adapted for? Today's pick comes from producer Benjamin Bombard.