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Ordain Women Supporters Plan to Wear Purple at LDS Women's Meeting

Ordain Women spokesperson April Young Bennett with her family
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Ordain Women spokesperson April Young Bennett with her family

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  A group pushing for the ordination of women to the priesthood of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is urging its members to wear purple to the church’sgeneral women’s meeting this weekend.

A spokesperson for Ordain Women says she’s grateful for the steps the church has taken in recent months to include women in leadership councils and to televise the priesthood session of its General Conference online.  But April Bennett says those in the group hope to show church leaders just how much support there is for including women in the priesthood.

“The color purple is actually the color of the suffrage movement," Bennett tells KUER, "and many of our Mormon feminist ancestors wore purple to demonstrate their support for women’s rights, such as Zina Young and Emmeline Wells.  And so, by wearing purple, we’re following in their footsteps, we’re saying that we care about women’s status.  We care about women’s issues.”

The general women’s meeting is planned for Saturday, March 29th in the Conference Center across from Temple Square in Salt Lake City.

A recent letter from Church officials to members of Ordain Women denied their request for tickets to attend the priesthood session of General Conference the following week.  It asked them not to enter Temple Square to wait for standby tickets.  Leaders of the group say they’re still planning to do that and they hope they won’t be turned away.

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