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Vampires in America

The movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter was recently released in theaters. It's an inventive take on the vampire mythos -- and on American history. Historian Scott Poole isn't crying foul, though. In the film, and the book it's based on, he sees a creative take on the horrors of history, as well as its mutability. He joins guest host Matthew LaPlante on Monday to explore America’s obsession with vampires, when they entered the national psyche and how we continually reinvent them in our own image.


W. Scott Poole is an associate professor of history at the College of Charleston. He's the author of six books, most recently Monsters in America: Our Historical Obsession with the Hideous and the Haunting. For more information about the book, visit MonstersInAmerica.com.


Matthew LaPlante is journalist, blogger and assistant professor of journalism at Utah State University. As national security reporter for The Salt Lake Tribune from 2005 to 2011, he covered military operations in Iraq, Kuwait, Germany and throughout the United States. Before arriving in Utah in 2004, LaPlante worked for The McMinnville News-Register in Oregon’s wine country, where he covered the local court system and sports. A native of California, LaPlante lives in Salt Lake City with his wife Heidi, a public school teacher, and their daughter, to whom he writes regular letters of love, advice and anxiety at DearSpike.com.