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In the Shadow of the Buddha

image by Jowo Sakyamuni/Creative Commons via flickr

Last month, guest host Bill Allred traveled through the Himalayas. He was profoundly affected by the peace-loving people he encountered there and by their stories of the destruction of the Buddhist way of life by the Chinese occupation of Tibet. He wondered: how is it possible for pacifists to stop the assimilation of their way of life. On Wednesday, Bill talks with author and activist Matteo Pistono, author of In the Shadow of the Buddha, about the troubled history and the future of Tibetan Buddhism.


Matteo Pistono is a writer, practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism, and author of Inthe Shadow of the Buddha: Secret Journeys, Sacred Histories, and Spiritual Discovery in Tibet. Pistono’s images and writings about Tibetan and Himalayan cultural, political, and spiritual landscapes have appeared in The Washington Post, BBC's In-Pictures, Men's Journal, Kyoto Journal, and HIMAL South Asia.