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Everything Is Alive


Have you ever wondered how inanimate objects feel? Radio producer Ian Chillag's new podcast puts actors in the roles of everyday objects, like a can of off-brand cola. It's silly, yes, but it's full of very real, very human feelings.

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Have you ever wondered how inanimate objects feel? Not how they feel to the touch, or even to you. What does it feel like to be a can of off-brand cola, for instance? Or a lamppost? Or a pillow? Radio producer Ian Chillag has a new podcast that asks those questions. He plays the interviewer, and he brings on actors to play the things. It sounds silly, but it can actually be quite intimate, even existential. Chillag joins us Wednesday to talk about his podcast. It’s called Everything Is Alive.

Ian Chillag is a producer of Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! He's also created, produces, and hosts the new podcast Everything Is Alive.