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The Secret Life Of Beavers

Larry Smith via CC/Flickr

Tuesday, we're talking about beavers. Nature writer Ben Goldfarb says beavers were crucial in shaping America's landscape and its human history. Then we killed them by the score. He joins us to explain why we should learn to love beavers.

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If you’ve ever seen a beaver in the wild, swimming across a pond, you only saw part of the story. That’s because beavers are like icebergs: most of them is usually hidden below the surface. The same goes for the story of beavers in America. As Ben Goldfarb writes in a new book, beavers are responsible for everything from the health of Yellowstone to the War of 1812. He joins us Tuesday to explore the surprising life of beavers and their profound impact on the country’s landscape and human history.

Ben Goldfarb's writing has appeared in ScienceHigh Country NewsOrion, and Mother Jones. His new book is called Eager: The Surprising, Secret Life of Beavers and Why They Matter [Indie books|Amazon|Audible].