Filmmaker Richard Dutcher

May 9, 2012

Richard Dutcher has been called the “father of Mormon cinema,” though he actually left the LDS church in 2007. Dutcher says he has always tried to make films that exhibit great personal integrity and appeal to viewers with every manner of belief. His film FALLING chronicles the devastating spiritual and emotional collapse of an ambitious videographer, and it mirrors his own personal and professional crises. The movie is currently showing in Salt Lake City, which gives us an opportunity to talk to Dutcher on Thursday.

  • The Salt Lake Film Society is screening Falling at the Broadway Centre Cinemas. Thru May 10 it's showing at 9:55 p.m. From May 11 to May 17 it will screen at 9:05 p.m. Visit the Film Society's web site for information.

WARNING: The above trailer is a red band trailer approved for restricted (i.e. adult) viewers ONLY.