Doug Fabrizio

Host/Executive Producer

Doug Fabrizio has been reporting for KUER News since 1987, and became News Director in 1993. In 2001, he became host and executive producer of KUER's RadioWest, a one hour conversation/call-in show on KUER 90.1 in Salt Lake City. He has gained a reputation for his thoughtful style. He has interviewed everyone from Isabel Allende to the Dalai Lama, and from Madeleine Albright to Desmond Tutu. His interview skills landed him a spot as a guest host of the national NPR program, "Talk of the Nation." He has won numerous awards for his reporting and for his work with RadioWest and KUED's Utah NOW from such organizations as the Society of Professional Journalists, the Utah Broadcasters Association, the Public Radio News Directors Association and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

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With the passing of long-time NPR political commentator Cokie Roberts at age 75, RadioWest looks back at Doug's 2005 conversation about Roberts' book Founding Mothers: The Women Who Raised Our Nation.

Renee Bright, KUER

When it comes to how schools teach kids about sexuality, there are no easy answers, and there never have been. So, what should we talk about, and who should do the talking when we talk with kids about sex?

The Family

Sep 13, 2019
A dramatized photo of journalist Jeff Sharlet praying.

To most Christians, Jesus is best defined by his meekness and humility. But to the Family, a secretive Christian organization, he’s the ultimate power broker. The Family’s goal is to create a Jesus-led government around the globe, but to what end?

SLC Punk/Sony Pictures Classics

Twenty years ago, the film SLC Punk! premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. It’s about two young punks living on the fringes and rebelling against Utah culture, while also dealing with the realities of growing up.

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Austen Diamond

In late May, KUER host Doug Fabrizio announced that the station’s long running program RadioWest was taking a summer hiatus to rethink and retool the show. Doug and his team spent the summer brainstorming, listening to other shows and talking with listeners about the elements of the show that are most important to them. 

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I’m fascinated by conspiracy theories. When I was young, I used to get suckered into believing them from time to time. The first one I paid attention to was about the Beatles, how Paul McCartney, according to the story, had died in a car crash and the rest of the band had covered it up by replacing him with a lookalike. My friends and I used to pore over all the so-called clues on the album covers. It was exciting to think there was a truth out there that had been hidden and we were part of the recovery. 

In her new documentary film, director Irene Brodsky follows her son Jonas as he sets out to learn Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata.” Like the legendary composer, Jonas is deaf, and struggling to live between the worlds of sound and silence.

If you play The White Album backwards, is John Lennon really saying “turn me on, dead man”? Join Doug for a conversation about the paranoia around hidden messages in rock music and what it reveals about our fears today.

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  For most of us, overwork is the new normal, and rest is an afterthought. But by dismissing the importance of rest in our lives we may be stifling our talents and abilities. This episode picked by producer Benjamin Bombard.

Image - message from Doug.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve enjoyed the break we’re taking from RadioWest. It has given us a chance to really think about the possibilities of making a new version of the show. Yet ... I’m starting to feel antsy. It’s because I’m constantly reading things or seeing things that make me think, "That would be a cool show." But we’re not doing the show right now, so we have to wait and then the moment passes.