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Web Extra: Can We Ever Solve Homelessness?



On December 8th, RadioWest’s Doug Fabrizio and the Salt lake City Public Library hosted a virtual conversation about homelessness. Is it a problem that can actually be solved?

Homelessness, with its heartaches and complications, has plagued America for decades. Utah’s approach to helping its unsheltered population has ranged from subsidized housing to increasing its amount of homeless resource centers. But with the recent economic recession, a booming housing market and the continued fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, authorities and the unsheltered are combating additional strains.


  • Erin Mendenhall, Mayor of Salt Lake City
  • Jean Hill, Director of Government Relations, Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City
  • Wayne Niederhauser, State Homeless Services Coordinator
  • Sydney Brownstone, Reporter for The Seattle Times