Kids on the Autism Spectrum

Mar 26, 2014

Thursday, we're trying to understand autism through the eyes of a child. Our guide is a fictional character, an 11-year-old named Caitlin at the center of Utah playwright Julie Jensen's latest work. Caitlin is navigating the classroom, the playground and an unexpected tragedy at home, while her teachers and father work to help her make sense of it all. Jensen and the Weber State University cast will join us, along with expert Dr. Sam Goldstein, for a conversation about kids on the autism spectrum.

Mockingbird runs March 27 - April 5 at Weber State University's Eccles Theater, Val A. Browning Center for the Performing Arts. For tickets and more information, call 801-626-8500 or visit


  • Dr. Sam Goldstein, University of Utah. Among his many books are Raising Resilient Children with Austism Spectrum Disorders [Amazon|Indiebound] and Billy and the Rock Hounds, illustrated by his patient with autism Julia Adams
  • Playwright Julie Jensen
  • Director Tracy Callahan, Weber State University
  • Cast member's of Weber State University's production Mockingbird

Julie Jensen's play is based on the book Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine. [Amazon|Indiebound]