Through the Lens: Bully

May 2, 2012

Thursday, we’re joined by Lee Hirsch, director of the troubling and powerful film “Bully.” It’s the latest in our Through the Lens documentary series. Hirsch has said he wanted to bring the hidden lives of young people who are bullied out in the open. He spent a year following five families – including two trying to find some resolution after their sons took their own lives. We’ll talk to Hirsch about the film and present free screenings at 4:35 and 7:10 at the Broadway Centre Cinemas.

"Bully" Events:

All of the tickets for tonight's screening have been given. However there will be an opportunity to join a wait-list for last minute seats. Thank you everyone for such a tremendous response!! "Bully" is still running at the Broadway Centre Cinemas and at Century 16 Salt Lake. For show times there or for screenings outside of Salt Lake, click here

  •  At 4:00 pm, Salt Lake City Council Vice Chairman Charlie Luke will facilitate a discussion about his plans for an anti-bullying initiative in Fall 2012.

Learn more about bullying - and what you can do to stop it: