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Since 2005, RadioWest and Plan-B Theatre Company have partnered to bring the art of radio drama to modern audiences. From adaptations of beloved tales to original plays from local playwrights, we've delighted audience with Christmas mysteries and Halloween frights.If you're wondering about Episode 6, it was a marathon of the first 5 Episodes.

Radio Hour Episode 8: Fairyana

RadioWest and Plan-B Theatre bring you Episode 8 in our Radio Hour series. This year's radio drama is called FAIRYANA and it's written by Utah playwright Eric Samuelsen. It's a dark, funny story of three misanthropic, alcoholic writers of a sickeningly sweet children's television show. They're pulling out all the stops for the Christmas special, which means resurrecting Snoogums, a character so villainous, he possesses his creator. What better time to rethink cute and cuddly then the holidays?

FAIRYANA was broadcast live on KUER's RadioWest December 3, 2013 at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center in Downtown Salt Lake City. It's part of Plan-B Theatre Company's #SeasonofEric