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"Messing" With Shakespeare


A production of Shakespeare’s The Two Noble Kinsmen is opening this weekend in Salt Lake, and if you’re intimidated by the Bard’s language, here’s the good news: it’s in modern English. Oregon Shakespeare Festival hired 36 playwrights to rework Shakespeare, among them the University of Utah’s Tim Slover. But here’s the question: after 400 years, should we be messing with William Shakespeare? Doug talks to scholars Daniel Pollack-Pelzner, James Shapiro, and to Slover about “translating” a classic.


The Two Noble Kinsmen

As part of Oregon Shakespeare Festival's Play On! project, Slover and 35 other playwrights translated 39 of Shakespeare's plays. Tim Slover took on The Two Noble Kinsmen, which is being staged by the U's Department of Theatre April 7 - 15 at the Babcock Theatre. For tickets and more information, click here

Listen to actor Kali Scott read the Jailer's Daughter soliloquy of The Two Noble Kinsmen, as translated by playwright Tim Slover.

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