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Seasons: Desert Sketches By Ellen Meloy

Mark Meloy
Writer and naturalist Ellen Meloy (1946-2004).

We recently uncovered a collection of essays by the late naturalist and environmentalist Ellen Meloy. So Wednesday, we're reintroducing you to the beauty and wit found in her extraordinary writing.

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Ellen Meloy has been called one of the great writers of the American desert. She was a naturalist … deeply curious about the world and our place in it. But there was nothing stuffy about her Pulitzer-prize nominated writing. Meloy was funny, and she used that humor to welcome you into wild places. We’re partnering with Torrey House Press to publish essays she wrote for KUER before her sudden death in 2004, so Wednesday, we’re reintroducing you to the beauty and the wit of Ellen Meloy.

Learn more about Ellen Meloy at The Ellen Meloy Fund for Desert Writers.

Seasons: Desert Sketches by Ellen Meloy goes on sale April 16, 2019. [Indie bookstores|Amazon]

KUER and Torrey House Press have partnered to publish our collection of radio essays written by Ellen Meloy between 1994 and 1998. It's called Seasons: Desert Sketches by Ellen Meloy. It will be published in April 2019. EXCLUSIVE FOR KUER LISTENERS. For your pledge of $120 - or $10 a month - you can get an advance copy of the book in time for Christmas. Visit us at kuer.org and choose "Ellen Meloy Book" as your thank you gift.

Explore Ellen Meloy's other writing through Indie bookstores or through Amazon