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The Life And Music Of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Renee Bright

You could say that Mozart is the gateway drug to a love of classical music. But who was the person behind the music? Author-composer Jan Swafford joins us to help us better understand the most famous name in classical music.

We know Mozart was a prodigy — he could play the keyboard before he turned five, and he’d written a symphony before his tenth birthday. And then there was his early death at the age of 35. But Swafford, author of the new biography Mozart: The Reign of Love, doesn’t see the composer’s life as a tragedy — quite the contrary actually. Swafford says contrary to popular imagination, Mozart was a happy man. Join us Friday at noon for a conversation about the young genius who composed The Marriage of Figaro, The Magic Flute and the (unfinished) Requiem.

Jan Swafford’s book is Mozart: The Reign of Love  [Bookshop|Audible|Indiebound|Amazon]