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RadioWest and Utah Film Center have partnered to present the best in documentary filmmaking. We talk with established and new directors who are changing the way audiences see the world and then screen their films.

Through The Lens: 'Scenes From The Glittering World'

Courtesy of filmmakers.

Filmed at the most remote high school in the continental U.S., the new documentary Scenes from the Glittering World follows three young people as they come of age in the Navajo Nation. 

Granite, Ilii and Noah all have dreams they hope to someday make a reality. In a series of vignettes, the documentary chronicles their daily lives as they balance their family responsibilities with their personal ambitions, all the while navigating the realities of attending a small, isolated school with limited resources and an uncertain future. Join us Friday at 11 a.m. as we talk with director Jared Jakins and producer Roni Jo Draper about their documentary. 

Join us for our free online screening of Scenes From the Glittering World followed by a Q&A with director Jared Jakins on Tuesday, June 29, at 7 p.m. MT. You can find the link to the screening at UtahFilmCenter.org.