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Home Work: The History Of Working From Home

Renee Bright

  Four months into the COVID-19 pandemic and plenty of us are still working from home. And when the pandemic ends, we’ll have to answer the question: Should we go back to the office?

Maybe you’re used to Zoom meetings now. Maybe you’re getting along just fine without the break-room chatter. Could be you’re more productive than ever. Or maybe you can’t wait to get out of the house, back to the office and interact with co-workers again. Professor Cal Newport joins us to talk about his research into the history of working from home and his recent piece for The New Yorker, "Why Remote Work is So Hard—and How it Can be Fixed."

Dr. Cal Newport is an associate professor of computer science at Georgetown University, an author of six books and writes the Study Hacks blog. His most recent book is Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World. [IndieBound|Amazon|Audible]