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Guy Raz Wants You To Fail (And Then Succeed)

Ryan Lash

If you want to bring something new into the world, you’ll have to fail a few times along the way. The public radio journalist Guy Raz says failure breeds resilience.

We’re talking to Guy about his new book How I Built This — which shares a name with the NPR podcast he co-founded. For the book, he spoke with more than 200 entrepreneurs about the challenges they had to overcome. And here’s the thing: They all had setbacks. Fighting through them? That’s what led to their successes. Guy says his book is “designed for anyone looking to build something new — a business, a project, a non-profit — anything that takes courage and energy.”

Guy Raz’s book is How I Built This: The Unexpected Paths to Success from the World’s ost Inspiring Entrepreneurs. [Bookshop | Amazon | Audible]

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