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The Book of Unknown Americans



Friday, we're rebroadcasting our conversation with novelist Cristina Henríquez, whose latest book centers around Latino immigrant families living in the US. Her work isn’t an argument for or against our immigration system, which Henríquez says everyone knows is broken. Instead, it’s the story of the ordinary lives that get lost in the news headlines of border patrols and political battles. With her book, Henríquez set out to give voice to people she says are often denied a chance to speak. It’s called The Book of Unknown Americans. [Rebroadcast]

The Book of Unknown Americans [Indiebound|Amazon] is Cristina Henríquez's second novel. She's also the author of The World in Half [Indiebound|Amazon] and a collection of stories Come Together, Fall Apart.  [Indiebound|Amazon]. Henríquez has written for The New Yorker,The Atlantic and other publications.

Visit Cristina Henríquez's The Unknown Americans Project, where she collects the stories of ordinary immigrant lives in the US.

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