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Many people agree that there are problems with our education system. The big question is - what do we do about it? It's the question we're asking in our series "Improving Utah Schools." We'll look at the world of ideas for creating better education for our kids and ask what can be done to make those ideas a reality.Image by Derek Baird/Creative Commons via flickr

The Gift of Failure

Photo by Chiara Stevani, CC via Flickr
Photo by <a href="http://bit.ly/1fqivJt">Chiara Stevani</a>, CC via Flickr

Educator, writer, and parent Jessica Lahey understands the impulse to step in and try to make things easier for our kids. We want to protect them and provide for them, but when we smooth out every uncomfortable bump and obstacle, she says we also take away their chance to successfully navigate life’s “pointy bits” for themselves. Lahey has written a new book called The Gift of Failure and Thursday, she joins Doug to discuss how parents can learn to let go so their children can succeed. 

Jessica Lahey is an educator and writer. She writes about parenting and education for the New York Times and the Atlantic. Her book is called The Gift of Failure [Indiebound|Amazon]

Lahey also recommends Carol Dweck's Mindset: The New Psychology of Success [Indiebound|Amazon]

Mark Your Calendars. On November 24, 2015, Lahey will be in Salt Lake City as a guest of The King's English Bookshop. [Details]

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