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Transcending Partisanship

Photo by <a href="http://bit.ly/2eDVx1l">David Colarusso</a>, CC via Flickr

In Donald Trump’s Presidential victory speech, he struck a tone that some found hard to believe after the vitriolic race. He called on Republicans, Democrats, and independents to “come together as one united people.” But if you’ve been on social media recently, you know that’s a tall order. So Thursday, we’re looking at the state of polarization in the country and the internet’s effect on our political views. We’ll also talk to activists who are imagining a “Reunited” America.

On Saturday, November 12, Salt Lake Civil Network, Village Square and other community organizations are hosting the 2016 Utah Citizen Summit. The event is a gathering of citizens and leaders interested in productive conversation across political and social divides. For a schedule of the day’s events and locations, visit UtahCitizenSummit.org

  • Jason Gainous, Professor of Political Science at University of Louisville and co-author of  Tweeting to Power: The Social Media Revolution in American Politics [Indiebound|Amazon]
  • Mark Gerzon, Founder and President of Mediators Foundation and author of  The Reunited States of America [Indiebound|Amazon]
  • John Kesler, attorney and President of Salt Lake Civil Network, an organization focused on dialogue and community building.