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RadioWest Films presents unique stories with a focus on Utah. Each week, we’ll present a short documentary drawing from a variety of styles: story driven, conceptual, profiles and more. It’s a place for film lovers to watch innovative storytelling and to meet Utah’s most talented filmmakers.And there are some films that we just want to keep talking about. Here's a collection of radio conversations paired with our short films. Think of it this way ... stories you hear, stories you see.

The Monastic Life

Kelsie Moore/KUER
Fr. Patrick prays with friends during his final days at Abbey of Our Lady of the Holy Trinity in Huntsville, Utah.

How did a Trappist monastery flourish in the mountains of Utah for 70 years, and what led to its closing? Thursday, we’re talking about the history of monastic life and how it is expressed today.

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In August, the Trappist monastery in Huntsville, Utah closed after 70 years. The community of monks flourished in the post-War era, and many of the men were GIs who had served in World War II. Their story got us thinking about monastic life, so Thursday, we’re talking to three scholars about the history of the men and women who gave their lives to communities of faith. We’re also asking how service and contemplation are being practiced in the modern world.


Watch the RadioWest short film To Close a Monastery. Visit us at films.radiowest.org for to see more documentary shorts.

https://vimeo.com/236672432">To Close A Monastery from https://vimeo.com/radiowest">RadioWest on Vimeo.

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