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RadioWest Films presents unique stories with a focus on Utah. Each week, we’ll present a short documentary drawing from a variety of styles: story driven, conceptual, profiles and more. It’s a place for film lovers to watch innovative storytelling and to meet Utah’s most talented filmmakers.And there are some films that we just want to keep talking about. Here's a collection of radio conversations paired with our short films. Think of it this way ... stories you hear, stories you see.


Kelsie Moore/KUER

Salt Lake City’s First Unitarian Church is giving sanctuary to a young Honduran mother facing deportation. Tuesday, we’re talking about sanctuary and the tension between moral conscience and the law.

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In January, Vicky Chavez was facing deportation to her native Honduras. Chavez is mother to two young girls and had fled domestic violence at home. So, instead of the airport, she went to Salt Lake City’s First Unitarian Church. The congregation was offering her sanctuary. That kind of protection is an ancient idea associated with holy places from Greece and Rome to Medieval Europe. Tuesday, we’re talking about sanctuary - how it was understood in the past, and how it’s being practiced today.


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