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More Than Green Jell-O: Utah's Food Traditions

Used with permission of Daniel George

We’re talking about Utah foodways this week. Plenty of places have distinctive culinary traditions, but what are Utah’s?

Chances are, when you think of Utah foods, funeral potatoes, green Jell-O and fry sauce first come to mind. But how about pastrami burgers? And, of course, there is canning to consider, as well as indigenous food. We'll discuss all of it, and talk with photographer Daniel George about Marrow, his current exhibition at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, which features pictures of the food you might find at a ward party at a local LDS meeting house. Our show today is about more than just sustenance; food in Utah is also about culture and identity. Join us this Friday at 11 a.m., and again at 7 p.m., for a conversation about the food traditions of the Beehive State.


  • Eleni Saltas, food blogger and author of the cookbook All You Can Greek.
  • Alison Einerson, Executive Director, Urban Food Connections of Utah, A Project of the Downtown Alliance
  • Daniel George, photographic artist. His exhibition Marrow is currently on display at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art. 
  • Dr. Lynne McNeill, assistant professor of English in the Folklore Program at Utah State University AND cofounder of the Digital Folklore Project. She’s the author of Folklore Rules: A Fun, Quick, and Useful Introduction to the Field of Academic Folklore Studies.