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What Do Lawmakers Really Understand About Critical Race Theory?

Renee Bright

During a special legislative session May 19, Utah Republicans passed two controversial resolutions that banned critical race theory in Utah schools and designated Utah as a “Second Amendment sanctuary” state.

The Salt Lake Tribune’s Robert Gehrke told us that resolutions aren’t laws — they’re political messages. We’ll spend Friday at 11 a.m. talking about what the critical race theory resolution means for the state, and what led to its passing. We’ll also hear from reporter Adam Harris, whose piece in The Atlantic details the GOP’s recent obsession with critical race theory. He’s been tracking similar resolutions around the country, and he told us that many of them borrow language used by former-President Donald Trump. Back in September, Trump ordered the Office of Management and Budget to stop funding training of critical race theory as part of government diversity trainings. But the problem, Harris said, is that Trump and very few of these lawmakers really know what critical race theory is.