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A Conversation with Biologist David Carrier

University of Utah Marketing & Communications
David Carrier in his lab at the University of Utah

For biologist David Carrier, the study of human evolution is both a question of science and of philosophy. For centuries, thinkers have debated whether humans are innately good or if their good behavior can be chalked up to good governance. Carrier’s research suggests the latter is true. Evolution, he says, has armed us with tools of extreme violence. It’s also provided us the capacity for profound empathy and cooperation. Carrier joins us Wednesday to discuss his work and its implications.

David Carrier is a professor of biology at the University of Utah, where his research is focused on better understanding how biomechanics has influenced the vertebrate evolution.

David Carrier is the brother of Utah-based radio producer Scott Carrier. Scott's radio piece "Running After Antelope" is an all-time favorite of the RadioWest team. Listen to it on his podcast Home of the Brave.

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