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It seems like everyday you hear about a new do-it-all fitness regimen or a new study showing that the exercises that you once thought were best are actually bad for you. In our 21st Century Fitness series, we consult the brightest minds to try to cut through the fat and find out what it really takes to be fit and healthy today.

Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong

Huffington Post/Highline
Finlay Mackay, http://finlaymackay.com

Nearly 80 percent of American adults are clinically overweight or obese. Journalist Michael Hobbes says the medical community has responded to this crisis by shaming people for being fat rather than helping them.

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Tuesday, we’re talking about America’s obesity problem. Nearly 80 percent of adults and one-third of children are clinically overweight or obese. The journalist Michael Hobbes says that the medical community has responded to this crisis by blaming people for being fat. If only they had the right diet or better self-control, they’d lose weight and regain their health. But of course, that hasn’t worked. Hobbes joins us to examine the stigma of obesity and what we can do to be healthier and happier.

Michael Hobbes is a senior enterprise reporter for Huffington Post and a contributor to HuffPost's online longform publication Highline. His article for Highline is called "Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong." He's also the co-host of the podcast You're Wrong About.

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