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Diane Rehm On 'When My Time Comes'

Renee Bright

Since departing the public radio air waves in 2016, Diane Rehm has been on a crusade: campaigning for terminally ill patients’ right to determine their time of death — also known as the right-to-die movement.

Diane’s connection to this issue is deeply personal. Her husband John had Parkinson’s disease, and when the illness became unbearable, he asked his doctor to help him end his life. The doctor said no, and John Rehm died slowly. Diane’s new book, When My Time Comes, is an urgent exploration of medical aid in dying, full of conversations with patients and doctors, politicians and religious leaders, as well as people opposed to right-to-die. A companion documentary film launches early next year.

Diane Rehm’s book is When My Time Comes: Conversations About Whether those Who are Dying Should Have the Right to Determine When Life Should End. [IndieBound|Amazon|Audible].