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Women In The Workplace

Renee Bright

Picture your workplace team, church council, community group or any other small collection of people: What’s the gender makeup? If the group has more men than women, there’s a good chance that the women do not speak up as much as the men.

This finding is the result of BYU professors Dr. Chris Karpowitz’s, Dr. Jessica R. Preece’s and Dr. Olga Stoddard’s research on gender dynamics in small groups. And not only did they find that when women are outnumbered by men they tend to stay quiet, but they also found that the men in groups often don't hear the women when they do speak. We’ll talk with Dr. Preece and Dr. Karpowitz about their research and how it could change the future of how men and women interact in groups. 

Read BYU Alumni Magazine’s article about this study here