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Eric Garcia on Autism: 'We’re Not Broken'

Renee Bright

The title of journalist Eric Garcia’s book, We’re Not Broken: Changing the Autism Conversation, says it all: People with autism don’t need to be fixed. 

Eric Garcia is a political journalist who also has autism. And he’s tired of the myths that persist around his condition — that autistic people are all white men working in tech and that vaccines cause autism. He says, too, that the common phrases people use to talk about autism – terms like “high-functioning” and “low-functioning” – can obscure the real needs those with autism have. Eric Garcia joins us this Friday at noon and Saturday at 11 a.m. to talk about his book, which he calls a love letter to autistic people. 

Eric Garcia’s book is We’re Not Broken: Changing the Autism Conversation [Amazon|Indiebound|Bookshop]